Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

 Last weekend we enjoyed some pumpkin carving with the kids for the first time.  They were intrigued by the insides of the pumpkins.  My boy didn't like getting his hands slimy but liked the smelled... ew!  My princess had no problem digging in....go figure! 

                               It's hard to tell, but I love the look on my boy's face in this pic below.  You can see           the curiosity in his eyes.

                                                            And in my girl's face here!

They had so much fun.  And did I take pics of the finished product?  Nope!!  So slacking around here lately.  I will definitely be getting back on my game very soon! : )

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guest Post - So Much to Say

Today I am doing a guest post for Colleen at So Much To Say.  A yummy recipe! Pop on over and check it out! I guarantee it will become a new favorite!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hope everyone had a great weekend. We got out for some pictures.  I was attempting to do my Holiday cards early.  I wanted to go the beach to do photos but the kids weren't keen on it.  Go figure.  Ideally I wanted to try to get some apple picking photos this weekend, but the weather was not apple picking weather in my mind.  I refuse to go in 80 degree weather in October! Lol!  I want to wear my jeans and Uggs and be comfortable.  I want my kids to HAVE to wear a sweater because of the chill.  : )  Hoping to get to it next weekend if Fall decides to return.  I think I was the only one not enjoying the unusually warm weather this weekend.  
We found a place with some pretty trees and gardens and they seemed to cooperate for a bit.  : )  (There may have been some bribes offered!) I love these smiles! I still would like to get some holiday outfits and take some more... but thought these might make great gifts for the grandparents!  

                                             Not a great pic since my girl isn't looking at the camera.... but I just love the
look Brother has for Sister here.                              

 I think this is my favorite.  I have many pics of this pose through the years and am happy to add this one to our wall!
                             He posed all on his own in these photos.  Such a great photography subject!!

                                                   Can't believe how big my girl is getting!

                                                                    I love this one.

                                                                 Love these smiles!!
Love photographing my children...when they will cooperate.  

On another note, I don't know if you have ever checked out Erin Condren's great items.  If you haven't, it's a must.  I am in love with her life planner.  Great, beautiful products.  There is a give away over at  A Bowl Full of Lemons  Check it out for your chance at a $25 gift certificate!  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am grateful for my amazing husband. Thankful for the wonderful father he is to our children. He is hands on, involved, supportive... and I couldn't ask for more. My kids light up when he comes home from his day at work and they are so excited to play and spend time with him....and more importantly, he is too.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Identity Crisis?...

So last night was like Christmas Eve to me... I've been like a child
waiting for this. I was on the search for the perfect planner and my
friend turned me on to the Erin Condren life planner and I HAD to have one!... and thanks to a great coupon code (SEEYOUSOON25) I am now the proud owner.

I'm hoping this "life planner" will help organize my life and maybe it could help me figure out exactly what I am doing.

I've been having a bit of an identity crisis lately. I've been a SAHM now for 3 1/2 yrs. For the first time, I am having some guilt, I guess you could call it, about being a SAHM...(guilt as a mom...imagine?). Maybe call it an identity crisis. My daughter in kindergarten every day and my son in Pre K three days a week, I now have 3 days all to myself....3 whole days. How wonderful! BUT I'm not exactly sure what to do with those days. I am having a hard time getting into my own 'routine'. Sounds crazy I know. I think back 3 yrs and I'm sure if I ever heard myself questioning this I'd be giving myself a swift kick in the pants. I've longed for this OWN routine, not making all my plans based on someone else's routine or schedule. The days of changing two sets of diapers multiple times a day, making bottles, feeding, playing, fighting for naps, trips to the library and park, soothing the constant crying and whining....3 days a week is vacation. It wasn't all bad, but it certainly was exhausting! I've often regretted leaving my job to be home... but then quickly change my mind and know I wouldn't change these years for anything... as difficult as they have been. And they have been hard! But now what? I know my kids still need me.. but I don't feel as needed as I once did. I'm having a difficult time accepting they are growing up. Although I LOVE the little people they are becoming. I think I'm afraid of them growing up and me not being needed. And I start to think what is my "job" now? And there's where the guilt and uncertainty comes in. I am often asked,"Now what are you doing all day long?" And although I never have any concrete answers, I am somehow always busy and still running around. I heard a comment the other day made "I envy the SAHMs that can drop their kids off at school and go to the gym and take naps"... OH!! Is THAT what I should be doing??
Well there is my answer I guess. But why, oh why, is it when I think of doing something for ME I feel guilty, once again. Will it cut into my grocery shopping time, my appts, the cleaning, paying bills, the laundry, the cooking, the drop offs and pick ups, the driving to activities. I know doing things for me will make me a better mom... so why the guilt? Can't quite figure that part out. But for the time being I will enjoy these moments and cherish them.

Love these faces!! Ok... off to the gym and that much needed nap! : )

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My friend...

Well my morning started off with my daughter changing her clothing 3x before deciding on an outfit. I can't imagine this pressure at 5! I found myself wishing for uniforms. We've picked out outfits at night, doesn't work....I've let her come shopping with me, doesn't work...I've encouraged left,right,up and down that she looks great in whatever outfit she has initially put on, doesn't work. It is a frustrating way to start off each morning to say the least.

Then I had my darling son, coming to me while I was in the shower, sneezing up a storm and telling me he couldn't go to school today because he has "the allergies". Of course I laughed at the cuteness... but he didn't find it funny. "Mommy, I have the allergies. I cannot go to school." I assured him he would be just fine.

Mornings around here have been chaotic and at times frustrating, as I'm sure most households with children are once school starts. So I decided that I cannot 'do' these mornings without my friend, my precious cup of coffee. I've been waiting to enjoy my friend until everyone is off to school and I can start my day.... but no longer. Today I went and purchased one of these.
Now I shall be able to enjoy my companion amongst the chaos and flying clothes everywhere. My friend shall make my mornings a bit easier. I can dream, right?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy times....

With the start of school it seems things have been busy around here.  My little BIG girl is loving Kindergarten.  It's hard to get her to talk about it, however, her eagerness to get there in the mornings and quickly wave me off tells me she's loving it. 
We also had the start of Dance class this weekend.  

My little BIG boy started Pre-K last week.  He is very excited and proud to be in "PRE" Kindergarten because he knows it means he's not far behind his big sis.  We surprised him with a Star Wars Darth Vader shirt which he has been asking for.  He was so happy!  (And he also insisted he have his 'scary spider' in his pictures).. All boy and loving it!

                                            (and someone needs a haircut! Lol!... But too cute)

We also had a project planned out that we decided to take on this weekend.  My hubby inherited his grandmother's roll top desk and we thought we'd paint it and distress it.  I was very nervous about this project but am thrilled with how it came out.  (Of course I forgot to take before pictures.. remembered just after we started. )

                                              (There were lots of these cans used that day!)
                                                 Distressing the drawers - I used sandpaper.

                                                                     Finished project!

                                                          I am linking this project up here:

 It looks great set up in the house.  I am happy we decided to do this.
So September has taken off in full force and it's just a matter of time before we're planning birthdays and holidays.  Busy times ahead.  : )